Art, History and Memory at the core of the «Brocéliande » forest.

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A centenary museum.

 It is the oldest museum of the “Armée de Terre” (Land forces). It was inaugurated in 1912 by the President of the Republic Fallières in “Saint-Cyr l’Ecole”, the birthplace of the SpecialMilitarySchool. The museum celebrated its centenary in 2012.

 In 1944, the museum was almost entirely destroyed by allied bombings and the collections suffered irreversible damages. After the Second World War, the schools were set up in Coëtquidan and the museum was finally inaugurated there by Pierre Messmer in 1967.

 The spirit of Saint-Cyr

 Located at the core of the schools of Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan where the young officers of the land forces receive their first training and instruction, the “Musée du Souvenir” recounts the major events that have built the country, through the destinies of the officers who served France. As men of conviction and decision, many of these officers embody courage, bravery, panache, exemplary nature, loyalty but also the sense of service, of duty and of honour along with the love for one’s country… Some of them influenced the outcomes of decisive battles, others took blameworthy decisions. Some decided to re-establish French honour; others gave their life for their country.  

 A unique place of memory.

 In front of the Rivoli square, where all the traditional ceremonies took place, the museum is a real identity place where the cadet officers can find themselves and recover. It is also a place of history and memory open for visitors. Finally, the museum is a privileged place where French can learn about citizenship and forge the essential bond between the Army and the Nation.

 The visitor is invited to pause for a moment in the memorial which symbolizes the sacrifices of all the officers who gave their life for France before admiring the museum’s collections.

These chronologically exhibited collections illustrate the creation process of the schools and underline the exceptional lives of some famous officers.

 An Inestimable Heritage

 Since a hundred years the collections of the museum have kept enriching with thousands of objects: paintings, bronzes, weapons, uniforms, emblems, trophies that evoke some exceptional, heroic or tragic destinies. The visitor will be moved by these objects but will also learn from them.

 The museum will captivate you whether you are an Art and History lover or a curious visitor feeling like discovering the values of French officers. Kids will love the instructive and playful activities inside the museum.

 Visit us

 Opening hours: Open all year except in January.

  • From Tuesday to Sunday: 10      am-12am/ 2.30 pm-6pm

 Admission Prices

  • Free admission for children 18      and under, for disabled people, classes and French Ministry of Defense      staff.
  • Adults: 4€
  • Concessions: (adults 60 and      over, unemployed): 3€

 Contact us:

Curator: 02 97 70 77 48

 Group booking: 02 97 70 77 52


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