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Come and share our enthusiasm, and experience an exciting adventure...
Trégomeur ZOOPARC is a creation of- the Conseil Général des Côtes d’Armor. Since 2003, the team at Trégomeur ZOOPARC have been assisting with the zoological and zootechnic aspects of the parks development. As well as being open to the public, the zoo also has the following aspirations :
A nature conservancy, principally Asian and Madagascan habitats ; indeed modern zoos have two ambitions :
- To increase public awareness, through education, in order to pass on knowledge and respect for the animals and their environments.
- Preserve and protect endangered species in their natural environment (by taking part in some preservation
programs : EEP).
A botanical garden with numerous species, sometimes rare. The range of animals is exceptional.
Most animals originate from large French and European parks which are members of the European preservation programs (EEP or ESB).

Trégomeur ZOOPARK  is located 10 minutes from Saint -Brieuc and 20 minutes  from Guingamp

The ZOOPARC, in some figures :
more than 40 animal species, 150 animals
almost, 4 miles of paths, 300 m of suspension bridges, 10 bridges, 2500 trees, 500 shrubs, 2000 bamboos, 2500 climbing plants, 3000 aquatic plants, 105 acres of lawn and flowery spaces.

New in 2014 : Squirrels
2013 : Birth of 3 otters ash  3 langurs of India, 1 Siamang,
2 Red Pandas, 1 crane Manchuria 1 Cerf Vietnam, 1 Camel, 1 Glossy Ibis ...

Recreational as educationally , through educational activities that biologists and trainers realize with animals to better understand their lifestyle, Trégomeur ZOOPARK involved in saving endangered species : Member of EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums ), it actively contributes to various European breeding program ( EEP ) , real scientific backup programs and managements animal populations particularly endangered in their natural habitat...
FROM APRIL TO SEPTEMBER :4 to 6 daily shows, afternoon feeding time in the presence of our biologists, areas for meeting domestic species, educational signs throughout the zoo area : you’ll learn while having fun ! :
11h45: Otters
12:00: Siamangs
14:00: Przewalski Horses / Camels
15.30: Otters
17h45: Tigers

Come and visit an authentic Thai farmhouse !
Asia has among its treasures a cultural and architectural wonder where humans and animals live seamlessly together. A Thai farmhouse from Vietnam has just been erected at Trégomeur Zooparc, and is a perfect example of this. By visiting this home you will :
. See how a Thai family lives in Vietnam.
. Discover another culture, traditions and a thousand year old lifestyle.
The reconstruction of this house at the Zooparc results from a cooperation since 1993 between the department of Côtes Armor and the province of Nghe An, located in the midst of Vietnam.
We would like to share this beautiful story with you…

In the midst of the park, you will find the restaurant « Le Bangkok »
Open everyday during opening hours.

PLAYGROUND for younger


OPEN DAILY 10 am to 19 H (Ticket office closes at 17:30), From april the 1st to september 30th

October to March: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 13:30 to 17:30
Christmas holidays: every day 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Closed 25/12 and 1st/01
Toussaint holidays and February:
daily from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


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