New concept of leisure park, in ludo-cultural vocation, for 5 to 90 years old people. Objective: have fun intelligently! The principle is a big hunting in riddle where you are the hero of the story. You have to find secret passages and solve riddles.

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Finally a park which the big adore!

15 min in the South of Rennes(Reinders)! Centre Rennes(Reinders) Angers!

You feel the soul of an adventurer?
You are 10, 20, 30, 90 years old?

Enigmus waits for you to live an extraordinary travel through the pages of a malefic book. In the course of the journey: an Egyptian grave, a Moroccan Medina, a garden of Asia, a Celtic village, the Polynesian jungle and full of other surprises. Call on to all your senses, to your spirit of deduction, to your knowledge to solve the mysteries and find the secret passages of the labyrinths! 3 at 4:00 am of games in marvelous decorations for an immortal memory.

And if you have already lived the adventure, take up the challenge of the 9th season with its new games and riddles to sharpen your brains! To the program, also discover a quite new geek world who tells the story of the arcades video games of the 70s in today, from the mega pixel to flight simulators. Enter huge Tétris, look for improbable passages before reaching the Matrix and to crack codes...

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