In a month it is Easter!
What's new with games at Enigmaparc? By next April 04,05th and 06th we concoct you for 3 animations! 
1) Our partner: my farm in the Countryside, will tell you where eggs come from and more... She will speak about animals of the Farm at your home! If you became breeders at home? Invaluable advices wait for you. 
2) Traditional eggs hunting : come and look after number of eggs hidden in the main aisle of the park and maybe win a big chocolate egg! 
3) Competition of Enigm' Oeuf! For those who have artists' soul, decorate an egg on one of the themes of the Park. Some ideas: Tiki egg for 7 tortures, Maya egg for the City of the sun, the mineral egg for Black rock, the Viking egg for the Celtic village, the " Pac-Hen" egg for Arcadia, etc..

Amaze we with your ideas, your humor to win another Big Chocolate egg !
Bring your eggs in the park before April 06th for decision of the Jury.