The botanical garden arouse the imagination by the succession of colourful gardens embedded deep within the landscape, by the thoughtful association of delicate, unusual and varied plants, and by the light perfumes that each garden embalms guests, also al

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«One of France’s finest landscaped parks...» cf Michelin guide.

The alley of white pearls leads to the entry of the Botanical Park of Haute Bretagne. As soon as we have crossed it, the Garden of Thousand and one Nights absorbs all our senses: it is bathed in the music of water, in the flowers' fragrances and colours. A curtain of three cypresses hides the breach in the wall of the ancient kitchen garden. It gives access to the Antique City, which sets up a Mediterranean world: classical columns adorned with climbing roses, an Iris-bedecked Odeon... in a space dominated by the lawn-alleys' green.

A camellia labyrinth is leaning against its wall. It is hiding a Minotaur who will surprise the children, before they lose themselves in the bamboo grove. The end of this walk offers the view as well over the new Secret Garden with its two terraces as over a lotus-flowered basin, which is overshadowed by three pyramids planted with dwarf bamboo. The ancient roses' alley leads to the valley of poets with its water basins, bridges, moss carpets and wild bouquets.

The promenade then opens over a lake and crosses the new Garden of Exotic Fragrances; next we are fascinated by the Blue Spring, surrounded by vivacious plants in all shades of blue, and a marsh inhabited by strange carnivorous plants... Some steps later we come to a circular little square with three granite benches: the Garden of Starlit Nights invites us to rest before discovering five hectares of new gardens. The promenade ends with the Garden of The Setting Sun, mirroring the castle's north façade, and the Prehistoric Garden, which illustrates the history of plants from the origin of the earth to the present day.

«This dream park, a wealth of pleasures...opens out onto the disarming beauty of the Breton landscape. The diversity of plants, flowers and vantage points offers visitors a walk among charming and ever-changing scenery»... extract from the «La France des jardins».

Opening schedule : From March 1st to November 15
- July, August : 10.30am to 6.30pm.
- April, May, June and September : 11am to 6pm.
- March, October and November : 2pm to 5.30pm.
- Annual closing from November 16 to February 28 (that does not include the nursery that stays open all year long).

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